The Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries

Welcome to the homepage for THE BIRD-WATCHER’S DIARY ENTRIES. The BWDE is a sonnet sequence I wrote from April 2009-April 2010 as I watched and listened to birds in the San Francisco Bay Area, California  and Chicagoland, Illinois as well as other places all around the world. The practice of writing reflectively as I observed the life of birds drew me into the world of nature and the life of the spirit much more than I could have imagined when I first began. I believe that reading these poems will draw you into a world of wonder, too.

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*”Roost II” by Anne Siems*

31 January 2010 – Glen Ellyn, IL

We had one warm day in January.
The snow melted and green grass could be seen,
like the beginning of Spring, so Father
Kevin took a walk: joy suffused his being.

He thought about how God reveals himself
in Nature, in the impossibility
of birds flying through air when it is thin
and they are thick with mass and density!

What can we imagine God to be like
when he makes creatures of such complexity,
with things like wings that open and carry
birds across vast distances so quickly?

Surely God must be wondrous, wise, and full
of waking dreams making the world magical.


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