Wild Birdsong

WILD BIRDSONG is the second volume of The Bird-Watchers Diary Entries.  Whereas the first volume is a sonnet sequence,  the second is a collection of haibun and haiku: Japanese forms well-suited to describing the natural world. I composed these poems based on my observations of wild birds in Illinois, California and Colorado while meditating on their spiritual significance in our shared human experience. Bird-by-bird, I hope you will enjoy them!

To purchase a copy of this book, see: WILD BIRDSONG.


So many robins on the lawn! I love you, your bright hearts shining through your red breasts. I love your boldness. I love your attention to the green grass! The way you hop, the way you eye me—heads cocked to one side for a moment. I walk past the labyrinth and the wrought-iron sculpture of a butterfly, seeing you. I walk past two brick pillars, that seem to frame a passage (but it’s blocked by a fence), and notice two pots, one on top of each pillar:  one whole, one brokenopen. I’m still seeing you. (You’re still seeing me, red robins!) I start to sing the Jesus Prayer. I start to sing, joyfully: Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy on me! These words fill my heart with happiness! I spin on my path, a dancing twirl, and you are not startled by my song! You have your songs, too. Robins, God loves to hear you sing and to sense you listening. You, in your brightness and kindness, are like the mercy that connects heaven and earth—the Savior and the sinner—the word, like a bridge, in the middle of our prayer-song.

Jesus, mercy-me
robins hopping and singing—
heaven meeting earth

Loretto Convent


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