“True Return of Spring” by Jane Beal & Andrew Beal

My brother Andrew Beal, a talented musician and composer, is creating twelve songs based on poems from my Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries. This is our second song, laid down with an acoustic guitar track, to which will be added more tracks and the lyrics–adapted from the sonnet below. Please feel free to play the guitar music and read the poem for now … later, the whole song will appear for you, dear one. May your heart be blessed and encouraged!

True Return of Spring (Preview)

10 April 2010 – Wheaton, Illinois

The trees outside are beginning to green ~
soon their branches will be hidden again.
The birds will build their invisible nests
behind a leafy screen and sing the glen

full of life and love and passion and eggs,
the tiny nestlings who will soon take wing,
exploring ground and sky and middle-air,
the hope of glory and freedom they’ll sing!

Barely budding, every branch and twig shines
like a tracery of green veins, a heart
against the sky, waiting to be filled with
nests, birds, wings, and songs: new life, the Maker’s art!

What spring is being built inside the womb
of my soul when I see the whole world in bloom?

Jane Beal


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Janis Carter on January 26, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    The poetry is beautiful and the music devine. You two make a wonderful combo.
    Love to both of you and all of your family. Aunt Janis


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