Half the Sky

Human trafficking. Gendercide and gender-based violence.
Maternal mortality in the developing world.

Sheryl WuDunn paces the stage. She tells the stories.
She argues for educating girls, empowering women economically

and giving to the poor because
if we join the movement, we can save the world.

She concludes with this: an aid worker home from Darfur,
looking out her window at winter in the Midwest

and beginning to weep at the sight of a bird-feeder because
in the U.S., we can afford to feed and shelter

not only our people, but the wild birds!
See how they fly! Strong and high–

singing but never wondering why
their short lives are so blessed, so blessed.

Jane Beal
2.16.11 – Newman Center, DU

“Women hold up half the sky.”
~ Chinese Proverb


One response to this post.

  1. One of the strongest poems I’ve seen from you. It makes me think.

    Without compassion for the bird, how can there be compassion for the person?

    Gendercide is an interesting term. It could mean destroy the binary of gender or the person on where they are in the gender spectrum.


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