Watching the Hummingbird

My brother Andrew Beal, a talented musician and composer, is creating twelve songs based on poems from my Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries. This is our third song, laid down with an acoustic guitar track, to which will be added more tracks and the lyrics–adapted from the sonnet below. Please feel free to play the guitar music and read the poem for now … later, the whole song will appear. May the words with the music that is here now bless and encourage your heart.

Watching the Hummingbird (preview)


Spring, 2006 – Benicia, California 

My mother and her husband are gardeners.
They love planting seeds and watching them grow.
They dig in the dirt, they water and dung,
they prune, and they pray for the snails to go. 

When all the flowers bloom in their backyard,
they are beautiful to see, and fragrant,
under the shade of the raywood ash tree
and the flowering pear that China sent.

But none of them could be more beautiful
than my mother standing by her window,
looking at the shiny green hummingbird
sipping nectar, flitting about, aglow!

Lavender wisteria from above
overflows the trellis-hedge like God’s love.


One response to this post.

  1. Love the poem and the music. Thank you Jane and Andrew!


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