Her First Flight

A fledgling female house finch
is being coaxed by her parents
with singing and whistling and several mini-flights
back and forth in front of her
to be courageous.

She has moved from inside the nest to the edge.
She hops back in. Then out. Then in.
She wants to fly. The air is quivering
with her tiny desire.
Her wings are fluttering!

Two of her siblings, a brother and a sister,
are chattering at her from a nearby telephone wire,
teasing her for timidity because
they were brave before she was—
until they are chased away by their father!

Meantime, the littlest and last in the nest
keeps pressing against her older sister,
whenever she is near, telling her not to go
like the others have, so that she is torn between
love and the desire to be free.

But then that fledgling female house finch
makes her boldest move, from nest-edge
to a thin rafter, balancing, making ready,
and finally does what she was born to do
and flies!

Out from under my roof, she goes
into the bright, wide-world of the endless sky.

La Casa Flora
May 1st


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