Nesting Dove

The dove is building her nest
in the tall, dark pine
in my backyard.

I watch her carrying
dried grass in her beak
through the air
and into the thicket
of pine needles.

As she comes in to the branch,
her wings catch the wind
and she straightens up in mid-air,
then gently lands.
hidden in green shadow.

When will she lay her eggs?
When will her nestlings be born?
The robins come and go,
on the grass below,
never speaking of Michaelangelo.

Gray birds, like sparrows,
fly swiftly between the fences.
The water is nearby,
so many birds
make their home near my home.

Even above the porch-lamp,
a bird has built her nest
and she startles away
whenever I step

But the dove is patient,
virtuous, kind.
She looked at me
from a telephone wire,
curious, just yesterday.

Jane Beal
La Casa Cody * May 2012


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