Brotherhood of the Briar

My brother Andrew Beal, a talented musician and composer, is creating twelve songs based on poems from my poetry collection, Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries. This is our fourth song, laid down with an acoustic guitar track, to which will be added more tracks and the lyrics–adapted from the sonnet below. Please feel free to play the guitar music and read the poem for now … Later, the whole song will appear! May the words with the music that is here today bless and encourage your heart.

8 April 2010 – Brotherhood of the Briar 

In the Petersborough Bestiary read
of the eagle who flies too near the sun
and singes his wings before descending
to fall into the fountain of life, undone.

Not like catapults but like thunderbolts
Alfred Lord Tennyson knows eagles fall
from the heights to the depths of the sky—
silent over the bright green world and all.

But they can scream murderously and clash
high above the tallest trees, talons locked,
as Whitman saw when he wrote his poem
on dalliance of eagles he once clocked.

I stood on a cliff by a river-canyon
to watch for eagles leaping toward the sun.

Jane Beal


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