The Rock Doves

My brother Andrew Beal, a talented musician and composer, is creating twelve songs based on poems from my poetry collection, Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries. This is our fifth song, laid down with an acoustic guitar track, to which will be added more tracks and the lyrics–adapted from the sonnet below. Please feel free to play the guitar music and read the poem for now … Later, the whole song will appear! May the words with the music that is here today bless and encourage your heart.

Can you hear in this one the flavorful sounds of España?

The Rock Doves


21 May 2009 – Santiago de Compostela, Spain 

Seven rock doves swoop around the Praza
de Obradorio on the wings of hope,
headed, like pilgrims, to destinations
they dream of when the wind carries them on

to cloudy places in heaven, unseen
by the limited vision of my eyes.What freedom they have!
Their green heads turn toward
the tops of towers, the edges of rooves

or down to the stones gleaming with mica
delighted with distances, but drawn home
to the nests hidden above the high bells
and under the wings of the angels.

The stone angels hold still, but these rock doves
soar with living wings into the blue sky.

Jane Beal
Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries (2010)


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