Perrin’s “Winged Migration”



This afternoon, I’ve been watching Jacques Perrin’s “Winged Migration.” I love the close-ups of birds in flight. The music is beautiful.

The film, without commentary, shows a few, scattered glimpses of moments when human beings interfere with the life of birds: a tractor plowing up a grassy field in which a bird’s nest is hidden, a European factory where geese land and one is trapped in a puddle of oil and cannot fly away with its mates, a hunter shooting several birds and his dog running out to retrieve them. These moments are painful to watch.

But there is also a moment when a weary migratory bird lands on a ship at sea to rest before continuing north. At that moment, it feels as if humans can help more than they harm–something I have seen often in the midwest where many people are care-takers of birds all winter long.

Winged Migration Trailer


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