Comfort Zone

The birds are back in Lakewood – they have been for several weeks – and they are singing their songs. I love to hear red-breasted robins sing. They are such happy birds!

Yesterday, at twilight, I was sitting on my back porch with my dog. A robin was singing on a wire stretched across my yard. Another was answering from far-off, and he drew nearer. He would sing, and she would answer. They went back and forth until he came into the backyard. The first robin fled into the pine tree when the second one flew to the fence close to where she had been moments before. Still, he sang to her, but when he came that close, she stopped answering. He waited and then finally flew into the pine tree, singing at her. And she flew away. I could see his silhouette in the pine tree where he lingered for a while without singing.

It was really fascinating to me to watch these two birds communicating. The first really wanted to be heard while the second really wanted to be close. I never expected one robin to fly away from another because they are such bold, friendly birds that I tend to think they would like to be around each other. But in this case, I could see that the first robin had a comfort zone and needed her space.


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