Holkam Bible Picture Book


An image of the Creator-God blessing all the creatures he has made!

“And God blessed them”

Genesis 1:28

This is a manuscript illustration in the 14th c. Holkam Bible Picture Book (p. 26) including many birds (beginning at the left): “a peacock, a long-eared owl, a parrot, a lark, two birds not easy to identify, a blackbird, a swallow with a long body, a singing goldfinch, a magpie, a hawk chasing a heron, a peregrine preying on a smaller bird. A wren, a bird with a striped breast, and a robin are among the leaves. In the stream are a heron, a lapwing, a swan, and a duck” (Alice Parmelee, All the Birds of the Bible, p. 36).

To learn more, visit Medieval Imaginations.


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