Notes on May Birdwatching

The other day I was walking across the CCU campus, and I saw snowy egret standing  in the waterfall that flows over the stones between the residence halls and the soccer field. We watched each other as I walked down the hill until he startled up into a green tree, his yellow feet trailing behind him. There was a robin on a post nearby and a European starling on the grass.

As I continued, I saw two Mallard ducks, a male and a female, in the tiny pond at the corner of the soccer field. I could hear the red-winged blackbirds singing. They are nesting now.

This reminds me that sometime this week, in the hot afternoon, I went out onto the back-porch with my dog. I could see a a broad-winged hawk circling high overhead – and one male red-winged blackbird circling her and even attacking her, despite her significantly larger size. I knew what was happening. I’ve seen it before. The male was guarding the newly-hatched red-wing chicks. The female hawk is hunting for herself and her own fledglings.

p.s. I was taking a walk without my dog down Cody Street when I saw a robin in the green grass. She plucked up a worm and ate it right in front of me, then flew off into a pine tree! It’s remarkable how quickly a bird ingests its protein.

p.p.s.  I was taking a walk with my dog, past the nearby elementary school just past the corner of 1st Street and Carr, and as we trekked down the sidewalk, I noted the little birds in the bushes on my left: male and female sparrows. I don’t see them as often here in Lakewood as I used to see them in Wheaton, Illinois when I lived in a house that I called  alternately the Casita and Sparrowsnest (because the sparrows nested under my rafters there).  I do love sparrows, and it makes me happy to see them.




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