Northern Mockingbird

MockingBirdThere’s a Northern Mockingbird that lives very close to my parents’ backyard. Every morning of this month I’ve heard her singing! I hear her at night, too. She’s usually pretty high up, just across the fence, perched on the antenna that stretches up from our neighbor’s roof. I’m in awe of her singing.

Over the past few days, I’ve thought about how sad (or ironic?) it is to call this tiny musical virtuoso a “mocking” bird. Is she mocking anyone? Hardly! She is a grand composer. She is a good listener and can reproduce songs of incredible range and variety, combining them in new ways, declaring God’s praise to the heavens all day! I am in awe of her little, talented self.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video of a Northern Mockingbird singing if you want to experience some of what I’ve gotten to hear lately!

Mockingbird Singing


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  1. I really do like mockingbirds (even tho they sing at night sometimes) when I used to visit nc in the summers during my youth I never got tired of them and really enjoyed seeing the flashes of black and white as they flew with their singing competing with the bobwhites whistled songs.


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