Pin-Tailed Whydah Bird

I was walking in Parwaca
down a red-dirt path
through the tall, green grass
past the careless leaves of cassava plants
brushing against my thighs

with my Acholi friend, Viola,
walking behind me, beside me,
her baby Maggie tied on her back
with a yellow cloth

when I saw you:
Pin-Tailed Whydah bird!

Your black and white wings,
opened on the breeze,
and your pure-black tail,
twelve inches long,
seemed to swim through the air.

For three weeks, I have been blind
but today, once again, I see.

10 August 2013
Parish of Parwaca, Atiak, Northern Uganda



One response to this post.

  1. Ah, adjusting to the new environment. So glad you could see and WRITE! There was time? Amazing!!


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