All the Birds Singing in Lompoc

I was in Lompoc recently finishing the songs for “The Jazz Bird” with my brother, Andrew. On the first morning I was there, I took a walk through the neighborhood, and all the birds were singing! I felt like they were rejoicing because they knew my brother and I were working on our music.

On the last day I was there, I saw so many beautiful bluebirds!

Flash of blue wings!
Swooping across my line of sight
over the street to the low roof-top,
you fly, singing,
and you make my heart rejoice.


Not only bluebirds, but many other kinds of birds, were flying around and following me on my walk. It was as if they were all saying: write about me! Make a song about me! Make me famous, too!

It was a wonderful walk in the morning, listening to all of them and watching them fly.


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