The Sunflower, the Sparrow & the Saints

The darkness of early morning
began to break
as light sprang into the sky
over two hills.

The green plant lifted up
her yellow head:
a sunflower
following the sun.

A sparrow came to the flower’s face
and took away a seed,
then went winging her way back
to three nestlings in her nest.

She fed them
and spread her wings over them,
and their father came
to be with them

as the Presence
overshadowed the small family,
smiling on their life
and blessing them.

Then three saints appeared in the sky:
Joan of Arc,
Saint Francis,
and Stanislawa Lecsynska, midwife.

For the holy ones wait on new life,
now growing toward their first flight.

Jane Beal
Casa Capitol, CA


video of sparrows eating sunflower seeds





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