Hawks and Hummingbirds

On Saturday, my friend Charity and I went down to Benicia State Park with my parents. We walked far out by the water on a beachy path with stones and driftwood scattered around. I noticed two turkey-vultures circling far-off, but we wanted to see hawks. We climbed up into the hills, with their tall grass and leafless bracken, hiking in the direction of Glen Cove. From there, we did see two hawks, one a mature Red-tailed Hawk, flying together.

When we came back down out of the hills, I saw a black cormorant standing on a stone, but she soon flew off — unnerved, I suppose, by my little dog, Joyful.

I remembered walking home to the Casa Capitol the other day, standing on the sidewalk at the bottom of the shallow steps that lead to our door, where I saw a shiny, green hummingbird. He was so busy! At first, he was up high by the second-story roof awning, but as I waited, watching him, he dropped down through the middle of the air to observe me more closely. Then he sped off up hill toward a tree and disappeared in the distance.

Yesterday, doing dishes, I looked out the window into the backyard, where all the spring flowers are blooming, and I saw a female Northern Flicker sitting on the fence. We watched each other for a while until she flew off. I finished the dishes as it was getting dark.

Jane Beal
Benicia, CA



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