Two Mockingbirds, a Crow and a Jay

Yesterday, I was walking around a court in the neighborhood with my little dog, Joyful. I noticed a mockingbird and a crow on the rooftop of a Benicia home that looks out over the waters of the bay. The crow darted at the mockingbird with a loud caw. The mockingbird cawed back in the same voice! Then she spread her wings and let the wind carry her away to a tall, green tree. Meanwhile, the black crow waddled calmly up the roof to its apex and looked out toward the water.

This afternoon, I opened the sliding-glass door to the backyard. Just as I did so, a jay flew across the yard, and a mockingbird, nearly on top of it — wing on wing! — buzzed it to the ground. The jay could tell it was not welcome and took off. The mockingbird ascended to its favorite perch, a tall antenna attached to the neighbor’s roof overlooking our yard–and began to sing a symphony.

Mockingbird Chasing Crow

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