Local Birds

The other evening, when the light was lingering long (almost as long as today, midsummer’s day, when we have the most light of the year), I went for a walk with my dog in Benicia. We went over to the field and the pond, and when I was on the crest of a hill, a Great White Egret flew across my line of vision — beautiful, amazing, winging her way west toward the waters of the Bay. Then …

A barn swallow swooped up,

dancing on the wind,



a spirit of pure joy.

When I went down the hill, I crossed the path and entered a stand of trees. I saw three robins and four crows, and I heard the doves cooing, hidden among the leaves and branches of the eucalyptus trees. How beautiful it was to me to see and hear the birds of my home!

I felt the same the other morning when I woke up and heard a mockingbird singing me a symphony.


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