A Squirrel, Some Turkey Vultures, and Two Blue Jays

Last week, I was walking in the green-space in between North and South El Macero streets in Davis, California with my little dog, Joyful. We came to a place where I heard an odd chittering, and I looked up:  it was a squirrel, acorn between its two paws, carrying on. High above it were more than twenty turkey-vultures in a tall tree.

One sat on a branch, stretching out its wings in sunlight, so that its whole body became a black silhouette.

At that moment, two blue jays swooped between the vultures and the squirrel — blue wings flashing, raucous voices jabbering. Hard to say if they were playing or fighting, there, mid-air! But they landed in a green tree and continued talking.

Joy and I walked on.


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