Birdwatching in South Davis

The other day, I was lying on my bed, looking up through the white slats of the blinds into the green leaves of the grapefruit tree outside, and I saw a hummingbird flit through — three dashing movements and then the little one was gone into the air.

There’s a mockingbird who likes to sit on the top of my chimney and chirrup; I’ve seen him fly through the bushes next to Casita Pomel0 (my new home), too.

I can hear other birds singing in the morning.

I saw a robin in the afternoon last week. For someone like me, who has spent so much time in the Midwest, to see a robin in the late fall — rather than the spring —  is a beautiful thing.

I saw a large flock of turkey vultures, circling in the blue sky, two days ago. Several dozen nest in two tall trees on the paths between Willow Creek Park and Putah Creek Park. Less charming than the robin — more alarming, I suppose, since where they are, something is dead.

Yesterday I might have seen a Swainson’s hawk perched high in a tree — at least, another birder, a neighbor, suggested the possibility. I guess they nest here near Putah Creek in spring and sumer. I doubted the identification, however, because the hawk seemed small and the time of year is not exactly right.

I see a lot of black phoebes in the trees that line the paths behind the houses — I love them, they are so sweet, they have a kindness about them — and occasionally, I have seen a small flock of gray bushtits (psaltriparus minimus!), too.

Casita Pomel0 at Meadowridge /
and the Greenbelt between Willow Creek Park and Putah Creek Park, Davis, CA


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