Sunday Birds in Willowcreek Park

I went for a walk under a gray-white sky this morning in Willowcreek Park. The variety of avifauna there is amazing. In just one morning, I easily identified ten different kinds of bird: turkey vulture, blue-jay, dark eyed junco, varied thrush, robin red breast, rufous hummingbird, savannah sparrow, spotted towhee –and I heard the song of the hermit thrush! – and yellow-rumped warbler. There are more types of birds there that I’ve seen at other times, like the black phoebe, whom I truly adore.

I paused to watch the rufous hummingbird (or it could have been a female Allen’s Hummingbird), who was eagerly probing green lichen growing on the bark of an oak tree — for sap, I think. Usually I see hummingbirds sipping the nectar of flowers, so this was different, but interesting.

My dog Joyful was patient, but definitely wanted to keep walking!


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