Impossible Birds!

On Monday, February 2nd, I observed a Swainson’s Thrush for quite a while. He was busySwainson'sThrush2 in the leafy ground under an overshadowing bush on my left at one point on the path through Willow Creek Park. A few other birds were busy there, too.

Black-chinnedThe next day, Tuesday, February 3rd, I saw a Black-Chinned Hummingbird. Absolutely positive ID. The little thing was flying right at my eye-level! He was busy at some red flowers growing behind a cropped pine tree.

I was reminded of the first black-chinned hummingbird I positively ID’d in Rancho Palos Verdes in 2009 — who had also arrived out of season. (Or never left?)

Why are these two birds “impossible”? Well, apparently they did not read bird Bible for this area, David Fix and Andy Bezener’s Birds of Northern California, which clearly says these birds do not arrive here until April. I tactfully decided not to send them a memo, either, lest they feel unwelcome.

I am, after all, very glad they’re already here.


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