Walking in Willow Creek


Robins love this tree and the nearby lawns


Saw a hawk in this tree last October


Various birds love this spot


Whatever is in this backyard bird-feeder, the lesser goldfinches love it!


The third time I saw the varied thrush,
it was sitting in the exact center of this green bush,
and the tule fog was all around,
and he looked so brilliant and beautiful!


Various birds love this open lawn


The Black Phoebe loves this spot!


The Varied Thrush, the Robins, and, inevitably, the squirrels
are always in this thicket to my left — and the Blue Jays
swoop across the path to the other side!


That tree up ahead? Birds are always in it — including hummingbirds.


The Swainson’s Thrush was under the bush straight ahead.


Under that bush, straight ahead, behind the signage —
that’s the first place I ever identified white-crowned sparrows!


I saw the yellowest bird in this pine tree the other day —
pretty sure it was an American Goldfinch.


At one point earlier in the winter, Willow Creek was pretty flooded,
and the turkey vultures left their usual spot in the pines
(which is in a different direction than I usually walk),
and camped out in these trees and at the top of that electricity pole —
one perched up there, opening his wings to the sun!


There is a hummingbird that loves perching at the top of the branches of this tree!
I chitter with him whenever he’s there — which is often.


This is the beginning of Sparrow Row …
and lots of other birds live on this part of the path, too:
thrushes, finches, woodpeckers, robins, blue jays … !


The little meadow


The birds live in these trees and brambles.
They have addresses here, seriously.


… and here, too:  Sparrow Row.


This is where I first saw and identified the two hermit thrushes!

The birds, especially yellow-rumped warblers, are always
flying back and forth across the path here …


The Tree of Life!
Just yesterday, I saw so many birds feasting in this tree:
white-crowned sparrows, a lesser goldfinch, and a purple finch, too!


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