Ruby-Crowned Kinglet


The morning after a rainstorm is always a good time to go walking and bird-watching. This morning, I saw a mockingbird on a fence, my black phoebe on a high branch, and dark-eyed juncos in the leaves as well as white-crowned sparrows nearby. I saw flirting yellow-rumped warblers dashing over bushes, and later, flirting blue jays in a tree (spring has sprung!). I saw robins, purple finches, goldfinches (still at a distance) and … a ruby-crowned kinglet!

The wings were flickering fast. He was so small! I noticed him in a tree to my left on the path by Willow Creek — first. As soon as I saw his eye outlined in white, I guessed the ID, but soon he flitted to a little branch (a twig, really) that curves over the path, and watching me watch him, he bowed to me and showed me his red crown! Then I knew his name for sure.


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