A Mama Turkey and her Chicks

Today, at midday, when I came home to take my dog for a walk and have lunch, I saw a mama turkey walking through my front yard with her eight tiny chicks! She was speaking to them soothingly, consolingly, and leading them behind bushes and through chopped-off stalks of leaf-fronds. The chicks were all weaving after her through the apparently unfamiliar terrain.

One little one was falling behind, despite trying to keep up. He got lost a few feet behind the others in the plant-beds, but his mama was looking back and watching out for him, going slowly so he could find his way. I was really amazed by how she kept turning her head over her shoulder and reaching her attention back to him.

He had my attention when he tried to jump up three inches onto the neighbor’s patio, started to fall back, but extended his wings and flapped them — and so made it up and over the edge — to continue chasing hard after his brothers and sisters!

This was the most extraordinary moment of my day today.


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