Northern Cardinals in Michigan

Northern_Cardinal_Pair-27527This past weekend, I traveled to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the International Congress on Medieval Studies held at the University of Western Michigan. The first bird I saw there was a bright red, Northern Cardinal on the sill of the second story of the dormitory known as Valley II. I was so delighted to see this beautiful bird. There are no Northern Cardinals in California, and I miss them!

The weather was humid and rainy, but all the trees had turned green. Spring has sprung in the Midwest! Other than the bright, white snow of February, when cardinals first start to come back to the area, that gray, rainy weather juxtaposed with bright, green leaves is perfect for making the red cardinal highly visible against the landscape. So beautiful!

One early evening, I was at the session of the Tolkien Society listening to Thom Foy read J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Sellic Spell,” which is a folktale version of the Beowulf story that Tolkien invented. As he was reading in his lively, engaging, and humorous way, I saw a female cardinal through the window behind him in the green leaves of a tall tree. I regarded her steadily until she flew away.

I later wondered if the male cardinal that I had seen earlier, and this female cardinal, might meet some day. After all, they live very close together! Of course, maybe they already have met.

One never knows!


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