Hugh of St. Victor on the Dove

MourningDove“The dove has two wings, even as a Christian has two ways of life, the active and the contemplative. The blue feathers of the wings are the thoughts of heaven; the uncertain shades of the body, the changing colors that recall an unquiet sea, symbolize the ocean of human passion in which the Church is sailing. Why are the dove’s eyes this beautiful golden color? Because yellow, the color of ripe fruit, is the color too of experience and maturity, and the yellow eyes of the dove are the looks full of wisdom which the Church casts on the future. The dove, moreover, has red feet, for the church moves to the world with her feet in the blood of the martyrs.”

Hugh of St. Victor (1096 to 1141 AD)
De Bestris et Allis Rebus

“As the soul becomes enlightened … it takes the beautiful shape of a dove.”
St. Gregory of Nyssa


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