“A Curious Hawk” by Jane Beal

I was writing a letter
when sudden movement
caught my eye:

a curious hawk
landed on the corner of the roof
outside my window

and he was looking in,
directly at me,
through the white blinds.

I studied him quickly
not sure how long
he would stay:

a red-tailed hawk,
with a light crown,
not overly large.

But the blue-jays
in the pomelo tree
were outraged by his presence.

I knew the time
would be

and I was afraid
to look at him lest
eye-contact startle him away.

But I looked at him,
and he looked at me
through the glass.

Then he turned his head,
spread his wings,
and took flight.

I can still see
in my mind’s eye
his speckled breast

under which
his heart
was beating.




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