The Legend of St. Werburgh and Grayking the Goose

“One version of the Legend is that St Werburgh had been interested in a flock of geese that visited the convent meadow and bathed in the pond in Weedon. One goose was her favorite, and St Werburgh named him Grayking. He had a black ring around his neck and was the fattest and happiest looking of the flock.

Grayking was eaten by the convent steward, Hugh, because he looked very tempting and fat, but also because the flock of geese, which St Werburgh liked so much, had ruined his field of corn, and he felt that they had not been punished enough by St Werburgh.

When St Werburgh found out this, she was furious with the steward. She found the bones of the goose Grayking and ordered him to arise. The bones reformed, and Grayking the goose stood before her.” ~ Our Lady and St. Werburgh



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