“Dream Sparrow” in Progress!

My friend and fellow artist, sculptor Donald Gialanella,

is building his “Dream Sparrow”

in Orlando, Florida. It’s nearly done …

and isn’t it extraordinary?

Artist’s Statement

One night I had a strange dream where I encountered a huge songbird hopping about in the yard. The shift in proportion made me feel apprehensive towards the enormous bird. I was used to seeing these little birds as cute, harmless creatures. I reacted to him like he was a dinosaur, which in fact he was, as birds are the direct descendants of the dinosaurs. This sparrow was magnificent, stately and sublime.

As the dream encounter with dino­bird kept coming back to me throughout the day, I realized it would be a perfect subject for a new sculpture. Perhaps I could bring that feeling of awe I had in the dream to the viewer when they encountered a giant bird sculpture face­to­-face. I would change the Passeridae paradigm and give the tiny songbird monumental size, strength and dignity.

After doing some anatomical research, I dashed off some sketches. Growing more enamored with the idea, I applied for funding from the Orlando, Florida Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, which was sponsoring a call for sculptures. One prerequisite was that the artwork had to be over six­ feet tall. It seemed like destiny. I was awarded the grant and Dream Sparrow was born — well, not quite. Now came the hard part, I had to create him from half a ton of steel.

Donald Gialanella ­
May 2016


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