“Words” by Jane Beal

If a beautiful bird
suddenly came down from heaven,
sat on your shoulder,
and began to whisper words into your ear
that you could understand perfectly,
wouldn’t you be astonished?
wouldn’t you be amazed?

After five years of wordlessness, this week
little Saint Bridgette, my neighbor’s daughter,
spelled eleven words for her mother
to tell her exactly what she wanted:
never has the word “sand” been so sweet!
Never has “playdoh” brought so much joy! –
even if her first word was not “mama,”

she has spoken for the first time
with letters on a board, spelled out,
showing she has understood far more, all this time,
than we could have ever hoped or expected,
far more than any doctor could ever dream:
our prayer went up to God, and the voice
of a little bird came back down to us.

Praise Jesus
     for this miracle!

Jane Beal
Uncaged (in progress)

Tale of Three Languages
rendered by the Brothers Grimm



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