Poems by Daniel Kerdin

He Who Lets the Birds Fly Free

He who lets the birds fly free
And fish, in infinite oceans, swim
Sees the ant in his small domain
And loves the microscopic brain
That drives him, running, day by day
Hurrying his life away

He who gives the bird, the fish,
The ant, the brain, the life, the day,
Observes that all is good that’s made
In love that will not fail or fade
And only asks that, in our love,
We do as He does, from above

To Him who lets the birds fly free
And us, made in His image, walk
Out of the darkness into light
In our domain, I pray He might
Bless my running,
Bless how I strive
To swim, to fly, to be alive.

Daniel Kerdin
Of Poetry and God (2016)



On this bright morn the birdsong is a prayer
Chimed across the Norwich fields and meadows
Chorused in jubilation,
Spreading its beauty
Across the sunlight and silence
Unfolding its ecstasy
To earthly kingdoms
And to realms beyond

And on this day, within my anchorage
Blessed by my wounds
And after long seclusion and reflection,
I recognise no wrath in our creator
The quill upon the parchment
Remembers and relates
The love and the compassion
Of Mother Christ
I fathom no sin in man
As I reflect
That imperfection is our road to God.

Much has been shown to me
Of things divine,
Much can be read
Within my revelations
But you need only
To listen to the birdsong,
Reminding us of truths forgotten,
Disclosing the sweet reality
That all things shall be well.

Daniel Kerdin
Of Poetry and God (2016)


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