Identifying Birds: Identify birds based on their shape, size, plumage, habitat and voice.

Bird Anatomy: A Diagram: Learn the names for each external part of a bird’s body.


Backyard Birding: Discover how giving birds food, water, nesting sites, and safety will make them welcome in your own backyard.


Birds of Chicago: Including NE Illinois and NW Indiana by Chris C. Fisher and David B. Johnson (Lone Pine Publishing, 1998).

“This easy-to-use and beautifully illustrated guidebook will help you identify the feathered strangers nibbling at the feeder in your backyard or singing from a nearby tree. It’s packed with notes on 126 common and interesting bird species in the Chicagoland area …” ~ Fisher & Johnson

Birds of Colorado: Field Guide by Stan Tekiela (Adventure Publications, Inc., 2001).

“130 species–only Colorado birds! No need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don’t live in Colorado. Easy-to-use color guide. See a yellow bird? Not sure what it is? Go to the yellow section! Fact-filled information and stunning, professional photographs. Compare feature, too. Not sure which woodpecker you’re seeing? This will help you decide!”

birds-san-francisco-bay-area-chris-c-fisher-paperback-cover-artBirds of San Francisco and the Bay Area by Chris C. Fisher and Joseph Morlan (Lone Pine Publishing, 1996).

“San Francisco and the Bay Area have an incredible diversity of bird life. This easy-to-use and beautifully illustrated guidebook will help you identify the feathered strangers nibbling at the feeder in your backyard or singing from a nearby tree. It’s packed with notes on 125 common interesting bird species … Whether you’re a beginning birder or an amateur naturalist, you will find Birds of San Francisco and the Bay Area a handy reference.” ~ Fisher & Morlan

Birds of Northern California by David Fix and Andy Bezener (Lone Pine Publishing, 2000). BIrdsofNorthernCalifornia

“328 species of birds are grouped and color-coded here for quick identification. All birds in the book are shown in a comparative reference chart”


Birds of Costa Rica by Richard Garrigues and Robert Dean (Zona Tropical Publications, 2007).BirdsofCR

Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi by Terry Stevenson and  John Fanshawe (Princeton University Press, 2002).



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On Wings of Song: Poems about Birds edited by J.D. McClatchy (Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets, 2000).

The Bedside Book of Birds: An Avian Miscellany by Graeme Gibson (Nan A. Talese: An Imprint of Doubleday, 2005).

Bird Songs in Literature by Joseph Wood Krutch and Peter Kellogg (Blackstone Audio, 2008): A CD Audio Book!

Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems about Birds edited by Billy Collins with paintings by David Allen Sibley (Columbia University Press, 2010).

The Poet’s Guide to Birds, ed. Judith Kitchen and Ted Kooser (Anhinga Press, 2009).

Zen Birds by Vanessa Sorensen, poet & painter (Adventure Publications, 2010).


A Gathering of Birds: An Anthology of the Best Ornithological Prose ed. by Donald Culross Peattie (Dodd, Mead, and Company, 1939).

All the Birds of the Bible: Their Stories, Identifications, and Meaning by Alice Parmelee (Keats Publishing, 1959.)

Birds with Human Souls: A Guide to Bird Symbolism by Beryl Rowland (The University of Tennessee Press, 1978).

Winged Wonders: A Celebration of Birds in Human History by Peter Watkins and Jonathan Strickland (BlueBridge, 2005, rpt. 2007).

Birds in Literature by Leonard Lutwack (University Press of Florida, 1994).

The Secret Language of Birds: A Treasury of Myths, Folklore, and Inspirational True Stories by Adele Nozedar (HarperElement, 2006).

Birds of the Bible:  A Guide for Bible Readers and Birdwatchers by Peter Goodfellow (John Beaufoy Publishing, 2013).


To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifelong Obsession by Dan Koeppel (Hudson Street Press, 2005).

Birding on Borrowed Time by Phoebe Snetsinger (American Birding Association, 2003).


The Human Nature of Birds: A Scientific Discovery with Startling Implications by Theodore Xenophon Barber, PhD (St. Martin’s Press, 1993).

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