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Oak Titmouse

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 6.34.43 AM

I saw the oak titmouse on my morning walk! A pair of them were playing at sunrise as the clouds in the sky turned pink, then yellow, then white. They were hopping about in the bushes that grow through the chain-link fences around Amber Ridge. The call of one of them was distinct — confirmed by listening at the Cornell Online Birding Lab — presumably the male. The other, presumably the female, was quiet.

Songs & Calls of the Oak Titmouse

Later, I saw a white crowned sparrow fly down from the branches of an oak tree and a black Phoebe circling low through the air for insects … I could hear the hummingbirds, already awake, and the mockingbirds. I saw a black crow. This is just an ordinary day here!


Hutton’s Vireo


Myrtle Warbler

Spotted a myrtle warbler today
when I went walking in the rain!

Say’s Phoebe


Say’s Phoebe

Least Bittern

I was so happy to see a female Least Bittern hunting along the edge of Puddingstone Reservoir this morning! I also saw her in flight. Later, I was able to compare, while still in the field, the Least Bittern to a larger Green Heron. Extraordinary! the pictures here are of both male and female least bitterns. They are a bit different …

Mountain Chickadees, Pygmy Nuthatches, and Redbreasts Nuthatches

I spotted all three of these delightful little birds at Camp Mariastella in Wrightwood in the San Gabriel Mountains during the Haiku Hike and the Writing and Soul-Walking Hike held during the Rattle Writing Festival on Saturday, 9/29. Lovely!

Egrets & Herons & Pelicans, O My!


three white pelicans