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Bird Stamps

The other day, I stopped by my parents’ home to find my step-father (recently retired) enjoying a hobby none of us knew he had: ¬†stamps. He was merrily taking stamps out of plastic bags (where he apparently saved them years ago) and placing them in the appropriate places in massive American and International stamp books. I was delighted to see a number of stamps with birds on them, and I took a few pictures …


Bird Stamps

_165009This is so cool!

Today, I was beginning a book called¬†To See Every Bird on Earth by Dan Koeppel. It’s a biography of Richard Koeppel: his father, a medical doctor and a Big Lister, a man who saw more than 7,000 birds in his life time. Perhaps only Phoebe Snetsinger, who saw nearly 8,500 bird species, saw more.

Koeppel mentions Chris Gibbins, who has collected bird stamps since 1970. He has more than 12,140 of these showing 2,950 different species, and he has made them available online. Want to see the bird stamps of America? Look!

Bird Stamps of America

Or Uganda? Or Nicaragua? Or the Philippines?

How beautiful are the birds of the world that God has made and man has captured in art!