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My Christmas Book: Noah Strycker’s _Birding Without Borders_



My Christmas Movie: “The Big Year”


Did a bone vulture kill the Greek playwright Aeschylus?

As myth has it, a bone vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) did kill Aeschylus, the Ancient Greek playwright who wrote the trilogy called the Oresteia, the tragedy of Agamemnon and his family. The vulture did so by dropping a bone on his head, a bone which the bird intended to shatter so that it would be able to eat smaller pieces of it. For bone vultures, also known as lammergeiers, eat bones.

They also “paint” their white feathers red or orange, using reddish soil, but they do so secretly. The behavior appears to be instinctual and is used to assert status among the vultures, who are cousins to the much smaller Egyptian Vulture. To learn more about bone vultures, read on.

  • Thanks to ULV English major, graduating senior, and future librarian, Meredith Jones, for bringing the bone vulture to my attention!

The Owls of Bath


Minerva’s Owls Bath Sculpture Trail!

Birds of Prey at Warwick Castle


Egyptian Vulture


Milky Eagle Owl


Andean Condor
(10-foot wingspan!)

See part of the falconer’s display!

Andean Condors

Western Tanager

Western Tanager


I saw a beautiful Western Tanager (male) in Tejon Pass in the Emigdio Mountains in SoCal on Thursday morning when I was driving north to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Birds and Birth, Pregnancy and Poultry

Birds and BIrth