More Birdwatching at Bonelli


Birdwatching in Bonelli Regional Park

O the joy of birdwatching at Bonelli Regional Park! On the very first morning that I woke up in La Verne, which was the day after the solar eclipse, I saw a black-crowned night heron (very special), muscovy ducks, and Indian runner ducks (three first-time IDs for me) as well as several American coots, Canadian geese, mallard ducks, killdeer, starlings, brown-headed cowbirds, swallows, and a snowy egret that came gliding across the lake through the mist like an angel from another world. Beautiful!

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with my friend, Gemma de Luna,
visiting from Chicago

Indian Runner Ducks


Snowy Egret


Birdwatcher in Bonelli Regional Park


Photo by Gemma de Luna

Muscovy Duck


Black-Crowned Night Heron