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Birds in Natural Bridges State Park

Yesterday, I visited Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz, California. I saw three sharp-shinned hawks flying between tall trees, a California Gull by the ocean, and a hummingbird, a bushtit, and a Great White Egret in a green pond beside the Butterfly Sanctuary. A few monarchs fluttered here and here, and two were definitely flirting with each other, and it was all very beautiful to see — although poison oak was thriving everywhere, even interwoven with flowering blackberry brambles and growing through the railing of the walkway!


Great White Egret

(a song from “The Jazz Bird” by Jane Beal & Andrew Beal)


“After the Election” by Jane Beal

My brother was driving down the freeway
past hundreds of dark birds on a wire
singing for joy as the sun set:

he drove back, he stopped, and he
recorded what he was seeing and hearing,
and he sent the recording to me.

I felt that peace that comes when the Spirit
expands your heart:  and tears fell down my face
as the birds lifted into the air like angels

flying together toward heaven, free and beautiful
like women who have never been held captive,
whose wings imprint the sky.

Jane Beal
Uncaged (in progress)


“Life-Cycle in Lithia” by Jane Beal

TurkeyinLithia (1)

Two Stellar’s jays
with their black hoods and blue capes
go soaring across our line of vision
into the summer pines.

A mourning dove flies left above us,
a twig in her beak, still busy
building her nest
for another set of twins.

We walk past a pond and see
four mallard ducks, all green-headed,
—no hens—and one stands apart
from his three friends, watching us.

On a shaded lawn, we are drawn
to the mama turkey
with her five young Turks
strutting around her like princes.

By the stream, between two giant redwood trees,
the silhouette of a hummingbird hovers
in sunlight from heaven that caresses her alone –
our heart, there, dancing in mid-air.

After we leave Lithia,
my step-father remembers
my brother Andrew as a boy
chasing pheasants in Arizona.


Ashland, OR

The Jazz Bird

After more than three years of waiting, it’s here …



The Jazz Bird

… now playing at Jane Beal’s SoundCloud

Brotherhood of the Briar

My brother Andrew Beal, a talented musician and composer, is creating twelve songs based on poems from my poetry collection, Bird-Watcher’s Diary Entries. This is our fourth song, laid down with an acoustic guitar track, to which will be added more tracks and the lyrics–adapted from the sonnet below. Please feel free to play the guitar music and read the poem for now … Later, the whole song will appear! May the words with the music that is here today bless and encourage your heart.

8 April 2010 – Brotherhood of the Briar 

In the Petersborough Bestiary read
of the eagle who flies too near the sun
and singes his wings before descending
to fall into the fountain of life, undone.

Not like catapults but like thunderbolts
Alfred Lord Tennyson knows eagles fall
from the heights to the depths of the sky—
silent over the bright green world and all.

But they can scream murderously and clash
high above the tallest trees, talons locked,
as Whitman saw when he wrote his poem
on dalliance of eagles he once clocked.

I stood on a cliff by a river-canyon
to watch for eagles leaping toward the sun.

Jane Beal