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Bird Stamps

The other day, I stopped by my parents’ home to find my step-father (recently retired) enjoying a hobby none of us knew he had:  stamps. He was merrily taking stamps out of plastic bags (where he apparently saved them years ago) and placing them in the appropriate places in massive American and International stamp books. I was delighted to see a number of stamps with birds on them, and I took a few pictures …


After Two Days of Rain

After two days of rain, there was a break in the storm
and the birds came out:

a gray nuthatch hopping up and down an oak tree trunk by Willowcreek,
two sparrow-lovers silhouetted in the branches by the sun through the mist,

a spotted towhee in an orange tree,
a blue jay in a green field,

mockingbirds dashing low across the path,
more towhees in the trees! more sparrows in the scrub! —

and a yellow one on the fence, who glanced over his shoulder at me
before he disappeared into someone else’s yard —

and all around, I could hear
the singing.


South Davis, CA

Summer Birding

We have a mourning dove nesting in the woodpile at the side of the house. Early today, I saw her two little chicks! They’ve been born from the shell. It’s wonderful … because today is my mother’s birthday!

The garden is really flourishing. A California Towhee’s fledgling has nested, grown and flown from a tall bush we have back there, and a mockingbird is building a new nest in the wisteria that grows over the trellis. (I can’t help but feel this is all the special blessing of God.)

And there are still more birds nearby.

Around 7 AM, I went out for a walk through the field, and I really saw a lot of birds. I had a full conversation with a California Towhee, the sounds and songs of which apparently irritated a nearby mockingbird. She flew out and spread her wings wide on the towhee to startle the chic singer away.

Along a row of bottle-brush bushes, with their red blooms, I saw more than half a dozen chittering hummingbirds, including a female rufous hummingbird, a female Costa’s hummingbird (I believe) and a male Anna’s hummingbird (looking remarkably like a ruby-throat hovering mid-air, wings fluttering a million miles a minute!).

Later, a blue jay swept over the broad expense of trees and bushes that cluster thickly over and through a watery place. I heard a crow complaining as I walked back along my path.

I also saw a Black Phoebe in flight and an American Goldfinch clinging to the top of a bush that was blowing about in the wind.

What a pretty morning!