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The Birds Yesterday

ForstersTernYesterday morning, I went for a walk with my dog. (This is a habit.) As we entered Willow Creek Park, I saw two finches, one with a raspberry hood and one gray, and I heard them singing – endlessly trilling and repeating.

Because it was early, and the grass was dewy, and the insects were out early, the Black Phoebe (a flycatcher) was swooping over the green grass. I love the Black Phoebe! She landed on the branch of a green tree near me, as if to say hello to me. She is quite used to me for I am always walking through her territory.

Later in the day, at home, the black crows were irritated about something. One was standing on the lawn in front of my place, cawing. My dog came outside with me, but the bold crow did not fly away immediately. There were still other crows who gathered in a tree, complaining. I tried to figure out what had irritated them, but it was not at all obvious.

I took another walk in the evening with my dog. I happened to glance up at just the right moment and see the white belly and black-edged under-feathers of the wings of the Forester’s Tern. Thinking of this, I am reminded of the Byrds, singing: “To everything …. tern, tern, tern … there is a season … tern, tern, tern … :).

Purple Finch


Purple Finch


At last! The light is right,
and you, from within the high branches

of a bare tree,
look directly down at me.

I can see that you’re no Cassein’s finch
with a white eye ring – no! Here you are, aglow

your head in a raspberry hood,
so bright, so good.

But where is your mate today,
the sweet one who wears gray? 

(I am looking for her, too. Tell her
to come next time, yes – with magical you!)

Jane Beal